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9 Tips That Can Increase Your Website User Experience

July 22, 2020

In today's market, your website has a more powerful tool than before. Your website is a 24/7 sale tool, and it has the potential to be your most powerful asset and the fundamental attribute of your marketing efforts.


1. Use white space

It is known, white space around text and headings increases user attention by 20%. Spaces can also make your website feel open, fresh and modern. If your branding is consistent with these, then it can help you communicate that feeling to the user. One downside of white space to keep in mind, however, is that it does indeed take up space.


2. Optimize a page speed

One of the most frustrating experiences for users is waiting for a page to load for too long. With the rise of mobile devices, people are accessing web content all over the world using many different platforms.


When they don't get it, they usually leaving the website. Slow loading page is an interrupting experience for the visitor, and it can be a reason for frustration. Often users don't have the time to wait.


3. Use attractive calls to action blocks

Your customers are already usually to following visual cues to determine which content is essential to them. Calls to actions (CTA) that are clearly marked with an action word enable your visitors to easily navigate your site and get exactly what they want in the location they expect to find it.


4. Use link differentiation.

When you add a link to a page, you're saying you want the user to click on it. Make sure links are easily identifiable by visual cues. Underlined text and different coloured text draws the attention of the reader and lets him know this is a link to be clicked on.


5. Segmentation information with bullet points.

Bullet points will enable visitors to quickly get all the information they want: benefits, ways you solve their problem, and key features of a product/service. This will make your propositions more attractive and enable your user to get all the information they need. Additionally, you do not have to go the traditional route with a simple circle.


6. Generic stock images are not good

People across the Internet are getting smarter and faster at judging your websites before making a decision if they want to browse the site further. When they first visit your site, they can easily pick out a generic stock photo they've already seen somewhere ere or that resembles the non-personal style of stock photography. Using stock photography can decrease trust and also stand out as generic and non-unique. Unfortunately, these associations carry over to your business as well.


7. Include well-designed headings

Your headings and content should be driven by what your potential customers are looking for. Keywords in your title are also vital for delivering your message and attracting the right audience.


Search engines usually give headings more weight over other content, so choosing the right heading and making it stand out can significantly improve your searchability. But more importantly, headings guide your user through the material, making it easy to scan through and find content that speaks to them directly.


8. Keep your website pages consistent

Consistency means making everything match. Heading sizes, fonts, colours, button styles, spacing, design elements, illustration styles, photo choices. Everything should be themed to make your design similar between pages and on the same page.


To provide your user with a better experience as they navigate through your website, they must know they are still on your website. Eclectic design changes from one page to another can lead your user to feel lost and confused and to lose trust in your site.


9. Be mobile-friendly

Modern technologies have advanced to meet our needs to be mobile. Websites are also a significant part of this progress. Your website must be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, no matter what type of device they use to access it.


Recently, Google started penalizing websites that aren't optimized for mobile devices, making the need for responsiveness even more critical. This is probably the single most valuable way in which you can improve your website's usability.



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