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SEO Friendly Website Design



SEO is essential to any business that operates online in Adelaide. 

Many people still don't realise that search engine optimisation (SEO) should be built into the web design process but not added in later.




Our SEO strategy

Many businesses don’t think about SEO until having a website designed or updated, and these sites are often sadly lacking in the SEO and digital marketing features. They may look perfect, but if the marketing smarts are not integrated into it at design time, you will be running the SEO race with wooden legs. Or at the very least, faced with going back to the drawing board and wasting time and money.

We have a look at how SEO should be an integral part of your website design or redesign process. We will look at what you need to consider to have a site built for SEO marketing and lead generation - and how focusing on happy users keeps Google on your side.

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Important factors of your CMS SEO success

The content management system (CMS) you choose for your business website can hugely influence how successful you are on the Web. WordPress is a good option in many situations, but it's not the only one.

We have created a Content Management System named zStudio CMS, a powerful and flexible user-oriented web tool. It is developed for people who need comfortable and professional website management facilities. The CMS not only enables anyone to update web pages in minutes, but it also provides you with excellent SEO features.

The CMS will check your page general SEO parameters:

  • page structure
  • heading structure
  • image Alt attributes
  • keyword targeting
  • meta tags
  • XML sitemap etc.

Website navigation

Website navigation is an essential SEO factor. When your site is well-structured, the navigation works with the structure, the URLs and other components, like XML sitemaps, to tell what each page or section of content is about.

Navigation is more than just a menu at the top of your website. It is how you refer users to the most relevant part of your site. Navigation can help raise awareness of additional services and include text links and content on all pages and the templated design elements of your site.

Mobile-friendly design

The most popular device used now to conduct internet searches and to browse websites is the smartphone. We are living in a mobile-first age. Websites optimised for search engines should give equal consideration to their websites' mobile layouts (rather than just bolting on simple responsive website design).

To create a truly mobile-friendly design and maximise results from mobile search, we think of mobile users' needs. What a user will do on the phone is often pretty different from what they will do on a desktop computer. And even if your conversions tend to be on a desktop, that crucial first touch may well be mobile.

We work hard to optimise the user experience for mobile users and reap the rewards for your efforts in terms of traffic and user engagement.

Page speed

Another critical consideration in the mobile era is page speed. Users may be impatient, or they may not always have a great mobile data connection. Ensuring your pages are lean and mean is a key consideration in modern SEO-friendly website design.

Every website we build is programmed using clean, modern HTML code. That provides outstanding website performance.

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