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About Us



Affordable Website Design Agency is a web service provided by a small local business ITN LAB, in Adelaide, Australia. Our team has skills, knowledge and expertise to help you shape the vision of your business, organisation, service or personal webspace.

Why we are different

  • Unlike many website design businesses, we do not just produce template-based, widely used websites. We deliver you 100% unique and customised solutions.
  • Our websites are based on our unique user-oriented platform, which provides the most user-friendly and practical web-management tools available.
  • We offer you a comprehensive solution - from the idea of how your web application should be designed to how to deliver the best possible outcomes for your business.

Our business philosophy

Our primary goal is to design and develop high-quality products and services to facilitate our clients' best World Wide Web exposure. We provide affordable web-based services both to the business community and individual customers. The service we provide is unique and personal. No project is finished until our customer is satisfied.

Our service is reliable, consistent and of the highest quality. It represents value far beyond the price you paid for your website.

About Us




Our technology

We believe that a company that offers modern technology and a high level of expertise must follow the philosophy and practice of continuous improvement. Our development team constantly upgrades the software that drives your website with the latest technologies like DOT.NET, HTML5 and AJAX.

We constantly develop new tools and features to make your website as easily maintained and reliable as possible. Our leading developer has over 30 years of computer software development experience. We are continually updating his skills to reflect the latest updates in the IT industry.

Behind the scenes

Creating a modern web application is not easy these days. Your website is not only what you can see on the screen. It is driven, managed and protected by complex, integrated software systems that operate silently behind the scenes.

The modern website we create is based on HTML5 and CSS3 platforms. You don't need to know all these things because we manage and deploy these tools for you. Still, it is essential to know that your website is MODERN and that it is constructed on the latest technology.



Why choose Affordable Website Design Agency?

  • We are a small business, and we understand the unique needs and challenges of small businesses.
  • We will always communicate with you in a way that will inform you, without intimidating you with 'technobabble'.
  • We create your website with the goal of giving you control over the finished site.
  • We won't limit your ideas and visions. Instead, we offer you a wide range of options and build you the website that meets your budget, highlighting your vision and achieving your goals.







Numerous multinational IT companies have engaged Victoria as a Human Resources Director for over 15 years.




20 years of experience in graphic design.




18 years of experience in finance and administration.




30 years of experience in software design and online application development.

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