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Become Australian Website

Become Australian Website

September 20, 2021

About Become Australian

Migration agents Yana Asmalovskaya (Registration Number 0957026), Svetlana Russo (Registered Number 1568392) and Jerome Villordon (Business Consultant) work with us on this site.

Yana Asmalovskaja has a law degree (St.Petersburg State University). For several years she was the Head of consulting department of information-legal centre "Kadis". She worked in the migration industry in Australia from 2007. In 2008 Yana successfully completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice (Australian National University) and continued her career as a senior migration agent in one of the biggest migration agency in South Australia.

Australia requires that only a registered migration agent can provide migration advice. If the migration process and the preparation of visa application appears, on the surface, to be simple, just think why the legislation doesn’t allow anybody to provide migration assistance?

Any person can lodge a migration application. In some of cases it may be simple, straight forward and successful. However this only happens for those rare applicants that completely meet all requirements of the visa they apply for and who luckily didn’t make any mistakes in the lodgement of their application. In addition, these rare applicants probably don’t care too much about the outcome.

However, if you are slightly unsure about your case or this case is important to you – the migration process can easily become a nightmare due to uncertainty, complexity and long waiting times.

So use an agent. Professional migration advice and assistance with your visa application will help you to eliminate most of your stress and give you confidence. The service of a migration agent increases your chances to successfully navigate the migration process and obtain an Australian visa.


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