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CNHS Projects - Flinders University

CNHS Projects - Flinders University

August 05, 2021

About CNHS

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences was successful in applying for University Strategic Funds in 2018 and was able to undertake three separate but interrelated projects. The intent of these projects was to help build new opportunities around digital health, research and evidence based practice, and innovative community engagement around wicked problems.

The projects were completed during 2018 and 2019. The development of the CNHS Projects website occurred in the latter half of 2019. The website provides access to a wide range of products developed as part of the three projects:

Care Hack was a social hack-a-thon focused around the challenges of ageing. This weekend hack-a-thon was held in mid-February 2019 and used social media successfully to develop a positive response in terms of attendees and media uptake.

The work of Care Hack is now available as an integrated set of webpages.

Research Capital aims to build awareness of engagement with industry and professional partners in developing research partnerships and research endeavours. The approach includes an education portal of education resources and videos for use by staff, students and alumni. Several workshops were also held. The project also included the development of an interactive evidence to practice resource by Flinders Filters staff.
These evidence resources include Flinders CNHS systematic reviews, search filters and hyperlinked topic searching and training materials for evidence based practice.

Care Informatics and Technologies (CIT) is focused on building digital health literacy within Nursing and Allied Health. The project involved the development of a series of education modules and videos. A series of collaborative workshop on digital health research opportunities were held in 2019 which built capacity among Nursing and Allied Health staff.


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