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Build your professional website within just a few hours or so. No coding expertise is required. You choose a style you like best, and we'll make sure your website looks great online.


Why do we provide a personalised free website?

  • We are a small local business, and we are interested in getting more clients.
  • We get a small profit hosting your website at our webspace.
  • We possibly will have more profit adding additional features to your website as you grow.
  • You may ask us to help you with content writing and search engine optimisation (SEO).


Why should you use our free website builder service?

  1. Unlike many free website service providers, we do not just re-sell pre-designed and pre-formatted websites. We deliver 100% unique solutions.
  2. We have developed our own ultimate user-oriented CMS, which focuses on providing the most user-friendly website control tools for beginners.
  3. We keep your website at a separate account with the unique domain name.
  4. We use local (Australian) professional web server with daily backup.
  5. Until you get a reality check, once you start using big “free website builder services”, you slowly start discovering the limitations, and many of them turn out to be not free at all.
  6. Most free website hosting providers put thousand of websites sharing the same server. This makes all their websites load at very low speeds. Slow websites create a bad user experience and are bad for SEO.
  7. Big free website services don't give you a professional web address reflecting your business.
  8. Most of these free website services are supported by advertisements. You create content and build your website, but they get paid for the ads. Often these ads are distracting, intrusive, and look ugly.
  9. We don't put our ads on your free website.
  10. We don't share your personal and business information with any third party.

Get your free website builder service

  1. Easy to use
  2. Personalised domain name
  3. No coding skills required


Website features

  • Mobile friendly design from our collection
  • Homepage page made by us
  • Up to 3 DIY pages
  • User friendly Web CMS (easy self updates)
  • Feedback form (Contact Us page)
  • Image gallery
  • Blog
  • SEO Tools (search engine optimisation)
  • Website hosting from $15 per month

We are pretty busy all the time, that is why we don't provide the initial phone consultation for Free website service. Please contact us by email if you have questions.




Steps to create your own free website

1. You complete an initial website brief

We need to know the basic features and objectives of what you have in mind. The website brief is an essential starting point that will guide the entire creative process. Complete this form, inputting as much information as possible, don’t worry most fields are optional.

2. We review this brief and get in touch in 24 hours

Once you’ve completed the form, we will be in contact either by email or phone. Our assistant will ask you a few questions about your business or project and guide you through the process. Don’t worry if you’re not sure yet, we can customise your website as we go and choose a domain (website address) later.

3. You select your homepage layout and style from our gallery

The homepage is considered as the most important part of the whole site. It is the first page that visitors will view. To have a successful website, a good homepage is necessary and also becomes a blueprint for every successful business. The homepage should be able to set-up the key elements depending on what your primary and secondary objectives are. But a poor homepage may destroy the chance of achieving your website objectives.

Pick your favourite style and choose your colours, and we’ll combine them to create the look you want.

4. Register your domain name

Choosing the best possible domain name for your website is critical. It is essential to follow:

  • Choose a Brandable Domain Name
  • Keep it short, simple, and predictable
  • Choose a Domain Name you can legally own
  • Always register your Domain Name yourself

We recommend to register your domain name with one of these providers:

Buy the domain name only because we will host your website at our server.

5. You provide us with the initial website resources

You send to us your business logo. You will add photos and text you already have, or we will provide industry-related content and images to get you started.

6. We create your account and set up the website

We create your account and set up the website. We design a site homepage, organise the website structure (website menu). Then we give access to user-friendly website content management system (CMS).

7. Learn how to do it

Our step-by-step online tutorial and videos are excellent for beginners. It will guide you through the process of website design.

You also may request a face-to-face training session for an affordable price.

Usually, 2-3 hours of training are enough to get confident.

8. Get started

You start creating your website yourself. Depending on the type of the website and the way you choose to build it, you will have some options as far as selecting a design for your site. Key things to keep in mind about your website design are the following:

  • Use clean design
  • Make it easy to navigate
  • Make sure it’s mobile-optimised
  • Fit your site’s niche and goals
  • One or two columns layout is the best option
  • Use unique design elements

You also may ask us to help you with content uploading and further design. That will cost you on an hourly basis.

9. Publish your website - and you’re online!

Then follow our quick and easy tips to optimise your website even more.



How do I pay for the website hosting?

We give you one month free website hosting.
After that, you will be able to pay your hosting fees online through PayPal, or you will get an invoice if you prefer to pay directly to our bank account.

What happens if I don’t pay on time?

Our automatic billing system sends multiple reminders to you before suspending the account. We send 3 e-mails to your contact address on file before we suspend the account. Once the account gets suspended you have 48 hours to pay your bill before your account is terminated.

May I ask for assistance with the website content writing?

If you’re in the process of creating a website, one of your top priorities is to write engaging and compelling content for your site. If this is the first time (or second or third – it takes a while to learn the skill of quality content writing!) you might be a bit unsure of what you should and should not be writing. Successful website content appeals to both your internet viewers and search engines, but catering to both can be intimidating.


Don't panic if you are not sure how to create quality content. We can help you with this for an affordable price which is $50 per page.

Which file format is best for logos?

If the size of your file is not a pain point, and you're working with a more complex image, PNG is probably the best choice.
But you may send us your logo in other format as well. We will convert it to PNG when designing your homepage.

How can I change my site design?

We create the initial website design for you based on the selected template and layout.
You may change the font style, primary colours etc. if you understand CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).


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