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Hope is Everything Website

Hope is Everything Website

February 14, 2022

Website Features Include:

  • Custom website design;
  • User friendly CMS;
  • Website menu manager;
  • Rich text editor (WYSIWYG);
  • Website Image Bank to store unlimited number of images;
  • Automated News, Events and Blog sections;
  • Automated Testimonials section;
  • 'Upload Your Documents' tools;
  • User Feedback Form;
  • Website statistics;
  • SEO tools;

About Hope is Everything

Hope is Everything understands that addiction and mental health go hand in hand. Part of our service is to undertake an initial assessment so that we can tailor an individual treatment plan that suits you. We do this in a holistic and client centred approach, which we believe empowers you to be the driver and author of your own journey of recovery and helps to reconnect with mind body and soul.

Part of the process is to be able to identify early warnings sign of behaviour, triggers, cravings, and urges which in the past may have been confusing and which contribute to destructive behaviour, leading to substance and or behavioural dependency.

Hope is Everything develops techniques and tools to assist with strategies helping prevent relapse and assisting in making healthier choices and decision making.


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