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Russo Migration Services Website

Russo Migration Services Website

March 11, 2021

About Russo Migration Centre

The purpose of this website is to promote our migration services and life in Australia

This website is coordinated by Registered Migration Agents

Svetlana (Lana) Russo and  Yana Asmalovskaya.

We are happy to offer our services to potential and current migrants regardless of the State/Territory you have chosen for your Australian future.

We have required knowledge and experience to guide and assist you through your immigration process.

  • comprehensive and wide-ranging migration services
  • advice on possible options to everyone interested in migration to Australia
  • assistance with selecting the most viable choice through an Initial Skills Assessment

Even after our head office has moved to sunny Queensland, we are very committed to promote beautiful South Australia and provide you with ample view on economic and politics, and guidelines for possible settlement and employment.

It would also be our great pleasure to support you in your immigration matters in any other state of such a versatile country as Australia.

Please also have a look at our collection of news and articles...


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