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Mobo Group Web Project

Mobo Group Web Project

September 07, 2020

Website Features:

  • Custom website design;
  • User friendly CMS;
  • Website menu manager;
  • Rich text editor (WYSIWYG);
  • Website Image Bank to store unlimited number of images;
  • Automated News, Events and Blog sections;
  • Automated Testimonials section;
  • 'Upload Your Documents' tools;
  • User Feedback Form;
  • Website statistics;
  • SEO tools;

About Mobo Group

Mobo Group exists to help people with all types of disabilities to be the best they can be. We do this through providing employment and related support services.


To be the best we can be, Mobo believes it is essential to operate in a team environment where everyone respects and cares for each other, acknowledging it starts with each person respecting and caring for themselves. At Mobo our people are supported by clear expectations to be accountable for their work. It is this style of teamwork and care amongst the team at Mobo which empowers our employees to get on with their work and feel they are supported in all aspects of their work and life every day.



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