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Reclaim PV Web Application | Adelaide

Reclaim PV Web Application | Adelaide

November 27, 2020

Special Features

This web application contains a custom-designed Client Management System, user registration tools and many other special features. It is based on zStudio CMS developed on .NET.


About Reclaim PV

Reclaim PV Recycling is an Australian owned and operated solar panel recycling company that aims to ensure 100% recycling of materials and that no material is dumped in landfill through innovative and cost-effective collection and recycling services.


This company has been built from the ground up through innovation and government engagement, together with extensive experience in the Photovoltaic (PV) industry.


We are passionate about PV recycling and partnering with industry and government to build a network that Australians can use to recycle solar panels responsibly now and into the future.


Reclaim PV provides a ‘whole of supply chain’ solution to managing end-of-life solar panels and associated batteries by introducing an end to end solution for the collection, recycling and recovery of materials from end-of-life solar panels and batteries.


Reclaim PV’s national network comprises of pick up and drop off locations that are positioned throughout regional and metropolitan areas. These include waste stations, PV suppliers, work sites and other locations as needed.


Here are some of the manufacturers that are leaders in supporting PV recycling in Australia and have supported Reclaim PV. They are a responsible choice when choosing to purchase PV modules as they are active in ensuring their products do not go to land fill and are responsibly handled at End of Life.

If you are a manufacturer, user or installer of solar panels we invite you to partner with us.


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