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RG Campbell Advisory

RG Campbell Advisory

March 25, 2019

Website features:

Clean, simple and minimalist website designs;
User friendly CMS;
Website menu manager;
Rich text editor (WYSIWYG);
Website Image Bank to store unlimited number of images;
Automated News, Events and Blog sections;
Automated Testimonials section;
"Upload Your Documents" tools;
User Feedback Form;
Website statistics;
SEO tools;


About RG Campbell Advisory

Research is a key element to success, business differentiation and product and business development. However, only if it is done correctly. Research has to be targeted to address constraints within a company and needs to be innovative and well designed and interpreted – otherwise investment in research is likely to be wasted. There is also generally research reports and outcomes published by scientists and research organisations that may well apply to your situation. These should be reviewed before you start to reinvent the wheel or invest in research that have already proven to be ineffective.


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