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Tatiana`s hair salon

Tatiana`s hair salon

June 18, 2021

About Tatiana`s Hair Salon

I called Australia home 7 years ago. I had 20 years of hairdressing experience, pretty basic English skills and heaps of confidence in my bag.

I dreamed of opening my own hair salon. I was positive that I would do it easily considering that I had done it before in Russia. The first step was to get a local certificate and I decided to take an exam. It was a challenge, I must admit. I tried to impress the teachers in one-syllable words using all my artistic skills. It worked like magic and I got the recognition as well as Certificate III in Hairdressing. It was enough to start testing the waters. The best way to do it was to try myself in real life in a proper salon. So I dived into it. 

It was a very important experience for me as I worked side by side with professionals of different levels and backgrounds. I figured out what was worth doing and what I should better avoid in future. At some point I realized that I was ready for a solitary voyage and opening a home salon would be the right thing to do.
In my view, I won't need to look for a parking in a big shopping mall and it would keep me from spending money on unnecessary stuff while walking through the shops.


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