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The Top Web Design Trends for 2020

July 09, 2019

Mobile-First Web Designs will put Mobile Friendliness at the Forefront of 2020

In 2016, we saw mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage, in 2017 mobile usage dominated 52% of internet traffic, and by 2020 it’s estimated to reach 6.1 billion people.

The race to tap into the population of mobile users is rapidly changing every year. Mobile friendliness is no longer optional. To rank on Google your site must be mobile friendly. If not you are losing a huge chunk of traffic to your site.


How will a mobile-friendly web design trends look in 2020? Instead of making desktop designs and coding them to be mobile responsive, more and more designers will opt-in to start mobile-first. This means designers will first create simple, fast, and mobile templates first then make them responsive to desktops.


You can also expect to see smaller simpler websites without parallax, complicated graphics, or asymmetrical looks as designers work to trim the fat for fast load speeds.


Other tactics will include designing responsive frameworks, installing more code and plugins to optimize sites for speed, simplifying navigation and interactions, and constantly A/B testing landing pages and CTAs.


Expect More VUI – Voice User Interfaces

The big five tech companies are investing billions of dollars into developing and improving their AI assistants. Siri, Apple iOS, and HomePods like Google Home are in the homes of more than 40 million users per month.


The trend suggests that VUI’s are becoming more popular in technology. VUI will impact web design trends and revolutionize the way we search for information on the web in 2020.


As web designers beging to implement more VUI features into websites we will see interesting changes to sites such as :

  • Customer Journey Maps: To really help designers understand customer needs, experiences, and where to add in voice to improve user interaction
  • Very Simple Templates & Designs: Simplicity will help keep primary information straightforward and conversational to the user
  • Voice ID Logins: AI tech can recognize individual voices and faces. Sites may start adopting similar technology for more secure log-ins to accounts, social media, etc.

Web Design Trends Will See More Vlogs in 2020

Video marketing and video content have a great future ahead. More than 500 million hours of YouTube videos are watched every day!

Video is increasingly the most popular and engaging type of content out there. For example, Facebook reported that videos receive on average 135% more organic reach than a photo! On the same thread, 73% of marketers report that video positively affects ROI.


What does this mean for online marketing and web design? In 2020 it is estimated that video will account for 80% of all online traffic. More and more people will choose to opt in for a video over, photos, or written content.


Web design trends in 2020 will cater to layouts that put the video at the forefront of their brand and engagement because 43% of consumers say they want to see more video content. Thus, expect to see landing pages with videos, home pages featuring vlogs, or video banners with videos of products and services.




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