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What is .NET tehnology and why we use it?

November 19, 2020

What is .net technology?

ASP.NET is a server-side, open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft. It runs on Windows platform, and it was started in the early 2000s. ASP.NET allows developers to create web services, web applications and dynamic websites.


.Net web development platform helps in building various business applications:

  • Custom client management systems
  • Inventory applications
  • XML Web Services
  •  Accounting systems
  • Warehouse and storehouse systems
  • Dynamic websites
  • Business Intelligence applications
  • Logistics and supply chain management solutions
  • Mobile apps

Reliable and Scalable

.NET web development framework has proven to be a highly reliable application development tool when it comes to the development of commercial applications. Since its launch 15 years ago, the .NET web app development platform has been widely used by small, medium and large companies as a tool chosen for technical organisational strategies. ASP.NET web development easily lends itself to the needs of rapidly growing companies by providing the right framework to modify business applications quickly and efficiently. This means that your application can grow and evolve as your business grows.


Why should we use it?

There are plenty of good reasons to use ASP.NET when developing a website or a web-application.
High speed, low cost, and vast language support are among the most significant benefits.


Websites and applications built with ASP.NET can be faster and more efficient than a website build with PHP, for example. ASP.NET applications are compiled, which means the code is translated into object code, which is then executed. This compilation process takes a small amount of time, but happens only once. After compilation, the code can be executed over and over by the .Net platform very quickly.


Interpreted code is not directly executed by the machine, but must be read and interpreted each time before being executed. Compiled code is usually faster and more scalable than interpreted code, and can do anything interpreted code can do. Examples of interpreted languages include PHP, JavaScript and Ruby.

As a whole, ASP.NET is a great framework to use when developing web sites and web applications. It is reliable, fast, easy to use, free and widely known. ASP.NET gives you full control of your development and can be used on any project, big or small. If you aren’t already using ASP.NET, why not give it a shot?





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